From librarian to bookseller to journalist, I’ve made words my business for more than 25 years. With a combined two decades devoted to book and newspaper editing, I’ve definitely earned my black belt in Word Fu. While specializing in Romance (from sweet to sizzling, and all sub-genres), I’ve happily tackled a wide range of fiction genres, from NA to Horror to Cozy Mysteries. I currently spend my days freelancing for both indie authors, as well as Amazon Publishing’s Montlake Romance imprint.

When you’re lucky enough to like what you do, it shows in your work — and I LOVE my job. I can’t promise you’ll always love me. I’m anal. I’m fastidious. I’m a demanding, opinionated advocate for the reader. But I’ll invest every ounce of my passion for editing into your books, sharing in your pride for every story and character. 

Your success is my  success, and with my Red Pen of Death at the ready, I’ll have your back like no one else.