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$0.014 p/word: For one (1) very thorough round of content/copy edits. Why do both together? Because I’m able. And to save you money. And because I can’t turn my inner copy editor off. Using track changes, comments and additional notes when necessary, I’ll tackle everything from world building and character/story development, to grammar, sentence structure and consistency.

$0.007 p/word: For one (1) second-round content/copy edit. If your first round resulted in significant changes, a second pass is available at a half rate, if your peace of mind so requires. Please note: a second round may not be purchased unless I’ve already done, or have been booked for, the first-round edit. (Both may be purchased and scheduled together, if you wish.)

$0.01 p/word: For one (1) single round of line edits. If your book is already edited for content, a single thorough line edit will provide a fine eye as your last line of defense before publication. Please note: If it becomes clear within a chapter or two that the book requires more than a line edit, I’ll contact you to discuss your options.

(Default style guide: Chicago Manual of Style. Default dictionary: Merriam-Webster)

* All word counts are based on the size of the book when it’s received. Fifty percent of the total fee is due at that time, and is nonrefundable. The remaining portion is due when edits are completed, before you receive the doc.

* If I’m unfamiliar with your work, a one-chapter review/edit may be required (on my time and my dime) to determine if my skills will be of service. If I’m not the droid you’re looking for, I won’t waste your time or money.



Beta Edit: $0.008 p/word. One (1) thorough read of your book, evaluating largely for content, with notes explaining the good, the bad, and the WTF. Useful for both new and previously published works. Please note: Beta edits, like chapter reviews, are done when my editing schedule allows, and therefore may require a significant wait (contact me for scheduling details).

Blurbs: $25 flat fee for a 200(ish)-word back cover and/or website blurb.

Synopses/Pitches: $60 flat fee for a synopsis or pitch review and edit (max: 5 pages).

Need help with something else? Just ask!

Note on PayPal: The goodly people at PayPal charge fees for business transactions, which are the responsibility of the author and will be added to each invoice. 

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